On the 26th of May, our school had a whole school run, Year 6 and 5 running for 3km, Year 2,3 and 4 running for 2.5km. And Year 1/Prep running for 1.5km. This yearly activity has been the districts 20th year.

Our run was happening just before lunch, but we to “encourage” the year 4s and 5s. When it was our turn to run, I felt jittery and nervous. What if I don’t make it to the District Team? I haven’t practiced for this moment so I felt butterflies flopping in my stomach. One…Two…Three! The race was on! We ran through the carpark, up a hill, around a corner, I was leading! But on my 2nd kilometre, I was overtake by a really fast runner. I was so puffed out (I was sprint running) that I just let him go ahead. Then, another person came behind me. Determined, I ran full sprint ahead, putting a good 30 metres between us. At that time, I blundered. Seeing that he was so far behind, I started relaxing. Seeing this opportunity, he started speeding up. At out final kilometre, we ran neck to neck, until I finally pulled ahead, placing me 2nd out of over 100 students

Mountain Climbing


Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the 1000 steps Kokoda Walk is a unique and a tourist spot in the Dandenong Ranges. Many tracks intertwine within and they are all connected in one way or another.

One of the tracks was called Memorial Track which went for 1.4K. This track was narrow, steep and slippery with a lot of bends and curves. The other track called Burnetts track was also 1.4K, but wide. This track was a lot easier to climb than the Memorial Track because it was straighter and wider.

We started out hike at 10 in the morning and made it to the top in 1 hour. It was a small hike compared to other mountains but didn’t have a satisfying view because the trees blocked the sun out. We hiked through Burnetts track because it was easier than the other track but it lacked stairs so we had to climb up a slope. I brought runners, so the grip on the ground wasn’t great, meaning that I slipped many times. On the trail back down, the terrain evolved to slightly narrower and more slippery on the steps. On the way down, we encountered a strange creature. It was about half a metre tall, shaped like a oversized black bird with a long peacock tail. But it was the head that intrigued me the most. The head was a blend of a cockatoo’s and phoenix.

We hiked about 3 kilometres and rose about 300 metres about sea level. After the hike, we went to Mcdonalds to buy chips and ice-cream.


Dinosaur World

On Sunday, our family went on a trip to a place called Dinosaur World. It is located in Frankston. The name sure sounds cool, like Jurassic World… but trust me, it’s not as fun as it sounds. Fore a person nearly reaching 12, the statues are really boring. They just bark and move their heads around. Plus, they are not even the right size! The Brachiosaurus is literally 4 metres high in the Dinosaur World, but it should be about 15 metres tall in reality!

After “sightseeing” the dinosaurs, we arrived at the playground. My sisters played for about a minute but soon went bored. Then, we went to dig up some dinosaur bones hidden in the Dinosaur World sandpit. I thought it’ll be fun, digging up bones to bring home, but they were made up of plastic and we were only allowed to dig up one. We had to pay 8 dollars for each person just to do that. Then we saw a raptor come out of the playground door. There was definitely a person inside. How do I know? The legs of the person was poking out of the dinosaur’s butt.

We left early due to the constant whining of my sisters, so we went to Hungry Jacks to eat an early lunch. It was 12:00PM. We spent about $86 on that trip.


Inflatable World

It was my friend, Dulan’s party at Inflatable world today! At the beginning, my mother won’t allow me to go because she thought it will be “unhelpful” for Dulan because dad forgot to tell his parents that I can go. But apparently, my name had already gone on the list, meaning that they had already paid for me to go. So in the end grandpa sent me to the Inflatable world warehouse. Unlucky for us, we arrived there 1 hour early. (at 9:30am on accident   “ahem grandpa?”).

Anyways I played on the slides and toys, but it was really boring without any friends to play with. Finally, my friends came,  Dulan first, then Yuxiang, Harry and Micheal. We played hide and seek tag, which honestly was really fun since the warehouse was the size of 4 one storey houses. At 12, we had lunch and cake, then played tigy until 2:00pm. At the end when there was only Dulan and me left, we just sat down and talked about the latest gossip, like games and best flavour lollies.

At last, it was time for me to return home. It was a really fabulous party that brightened my spirits and I wish I can go back in time to do it again.

Chestnut Picking

Sunday, 8th of April, 2019

First Day of Holidays! I was super pumped about this day because I can finally play games! But dad had a different idea in mind. We were going to a chestnut farm (me: “dammit”). It may sound like a bad idea at first glance, but it actually was pretty fun…

Shake, Shake, Shake. One by one, the chestnuts fell like raindrops from the tree. Albert and I found a brand new way to harvest chestnuts. Instead of scavenging or picking them, we shook the tree until the chestnuts fell. This can also separate the raw chestnuts and the ripe ones because only (most) the ripe ones will fall. Meanwhile, mum and dad were still scavenging the ground and picking them one by one off a tree.

After we shook the tree, we would pick the chestnut shells off the ground and nest them to a different spot. Then, we took Albert’s Hammer and hit the chestnut shells until they crack. Up until that stage, we separated the shell and the chestnuts until only chestnuts remain.

At the end, my bucket of chestnuts was equal to mum, dad’s and sisters bucket of chestnuts. “How did you get so many?”, mum asked. I shrugged and didn’t reply.

Last Day of Term 1 – Year 6

It was the last day of term 1. Never had a term pass so quickly! Maybe because of my awesome teacher that was so entertaining and fun made it, as the saying goes “Time passes when you are having fun”. As a Year Level, we accomplished so many activities, it is hard to count. Some highlights are: Year 6 camp, Athletics, going to the Port of Melbourne and the Drumming incursion that included African Drumming.

School only lasted for 5 and a half hours, including lunch and recess. We had a great celebration of Easter eggs that was scattered on the floor for all of Year 6’s to pick up. I only managed to pick up 4 (which is a small amount if compared to others) but was instructed to eat them at home (Year 6’s :”oh mannnn”).

After that we had lunch. I had Pizza from the canteen within our school. Then, we had a whole school assembly where we can reflect of what we have done this Term. Our principle also announced some winners for the raffle, for the Easter.

The Bell Rang.


Snow Mountain 1

Wonderous and Mystical, snow has been one of the very things I longed to see in my childhood. The thought of actually seeing it made me giddy. I longed to roll in it. Longed to feel it. I made a promise to myself many years ago, when I saw fake snowflakes in Ballarat, that I will experience snow and be like those in cartoons and TV shows. But I soon realised it was a promise I couldn’t keep.

8th July 2018

DING, DING. DING, DING! My alarm went off. A clumsy hand of a mine reached out and knocked the alarm over. Not that I intended, but… Oh well. Looks like I have to buy a new one. Ominous, Gray clouds blanketed the blue sky as I rubbed my eyes out of unconsciousness. ‘Normal Winter Day’ I mumbled. I made myself get out of bed.

Just as my warm feet touched the ice cold floor, last night’s recount came back into my mind. It was like a river of experience flooding back to me. I WAS GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS WITH GARY!!! HOW COME I FORGOT? OMGOMGOMG… I rushed out of my room dressed in woollen jumpers and two layers of fur leggings. I rushed out of my room and I hurriedly ate my breakfast made of porridge and toast.


I boarded the car with Gary wearing 6 layers on. I have never had this many layers on, even in Canada! I finally now know what it feels like to be obese. I can’t even fit my rain coat on! Every time I put on one button… POP! The other one pops out. I was getting more irritated the second and I only got as far as 3/6. POP,POP,POP!!!


My Brain felt over washed. I’ve been sitting in this air packed car for “I don’t know how many years”. I had enough. This humid air is killing me. I swung open the door and stomped outside. For a few seconds, I felt cool and good. But after 10 seconds, I felt a strong gust of winter wind that blew off my rain coat. The snow under me felt cold and hard. Rain pounded my head as I desperately climbed into the car again. That was when small pieces of ice and snow started pounding the car. Bang! Bang! Bang!


My poor raincoat… Poor me…. This is not what I expected what would happen on a snow mountain.

Los Angeles 3

I woke up the next morning refreshing and late. I stretched and pulled on my clothes. Apparently, my dad and grandpa had been very busy. The luggage’s we used last night were already in the car. Clothes had been stashed into the bags as well. I quickly ate my porridge and packed up my bag, getting ready to go.

As we left I took a look at the room. It was clean like it was before. Satisfied, I rushed out to join my parents.

Los Angeles 2

I woke up 2 hours later. That was when it came to my instincts that something heavy was lying on me. I glanced sideways. Tracy, my little sister had her head on my shoulder. For a 5 year old, her head was really big for her. I gently lifted her head onto the pillow next to her and started to play some more games on the TV/Game devise on the back seat in front of me.

When the plane was descending, I shoved the my contents deeper into my bag and checked around my chair, searching for more of my properties I might have forgotten. Luckily there was none.

Withen less than 5 minutes, the aircraft has successfully parked and ready for passengers to come off the plane. As we unpacked and entered Los Angeles airport, I wondered whether it was like Melbourne airport. Or it might be different?

Like my guess, Los Angeles airport was indeed like a lot like Tullamarine. A big difference though, was that they had two ceilings, one with a cool design with coloured wool hanging from the top. We made our way to the baggage claim, coming across many security passport checks. After we made it out, we took a bus to some sort of car rental. From there, dad booked a 7 seater car with two booster seats. By the looks of it, it was very expensive. We climbed into the DODGE car and drove off.

My dad found out that the Americans drive on their right. However Australians keep on their left. We drove to our hotel in the crambed car but found ourselves quite lost due to the issue with the GPS. After 2 hours we finally found our hotel, we couldn’t find where the entrance was! We circled around it, unknowing that we had past it several times. Unfortunately dad’s phone was turned off and the owner of our apartment has literally phoned him like 10 times. Luckily, dad finally turned on his IPhone and was shocked to find his phone call app overflowing. He took it and phoned back and we met to follow him to the entrance to the building. Bless God!

We unpacked our belongings and took most of our essential belongings into the apartment. I took the queen sized bed next to my grandparents along with my bag and IPad. As dad and mum went for a shop in the streets, I took out my IPad and began to read Harry Potter on the internet…

After 30 minutes I put my IPad into my bag and yawning, I climbed into bed and fell soundly asleep.

Airport Transfer

Los Angeles 1


Finally, the big day has come. We packed up our last belongings for the trip and waited outside the brick doorsteps. It wasn’t long before the taxi van arrived. The driver climbed out and helped to load the luggage onto the lifter and with a final ‘POOF’, the bags tumbled into the van. What am I talking about of course? We are going on a holiday to Los Angeles.

Dad, Mum, Tracy, Trina, Grandma, Grandpa and I set out on the way to Tullamarine Airport. Dad and Mum talked in Chinese about what we might have forgot. I felt a bit embarrassed about how my parents are behaving, that the driver couldn’t understand what we were saying. But I soon learned not to care, since the driver was also talking foreign. As we entered the Airport at last, Dad said ‘That was so quick!’ I rolled my eyes. ‘That’s because you were talking the whole way here with Mum’, I said. But dad didn’t seem to hear me. He was too busy paying the taxi driver his fees. I turned and walked briskly into the airport. It was crowded. People young and old stalked the paths and counters. The receptionist desk had a long line in front of it. I was so busy examinating, I didn’t hear my parents calling. It was then that I realised that I had been away for far too long. I ran back the way I had come but found my way blocked by a large trolley with a man behind.

He was hooded in the shadows until he walked out. It was dad. I let out my breath. ‘Stop scaring yourself!’ I scolded me. Dad held out his hand and put it on my shoulder. ‘Trevor, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!’  dad said. His tone was like a worried expression. I shook him off. ‘Lets go’, I said like nothings wrong. We took our trolleys and guided them to the drop off area for the bags. As dad shipped them to America, I wondered abut the threats and challenges we might face for this journey. Soon I got bored and took out my IPad and went into the app, My Playgrounds. It was a coding website for kids, and I liked to play on it whenever I was bored.

After like another half an hour, dad wasn’t done. I knew something was wrong, so I went over with my IPad under my arm and asked ‘Dad, what is taking so long?’ He only shook me off. ‘Wait a little while more’ he said, not looking up. I huffed. I walked casually to the bench beside the receptionest and opened my IPAD again.

A hour past. Dad walked over and announced he had escorted the bagages to America. We took our remaining bags and took them to the bag check. After that we went to the gates and took a seat. We were flying to New Zealand first and Transfer on a flight to Los Angelous. There we will be staying for a few more days before we journey to Toronto in Canada.

We boarded our plane and slept for half an hour while watching TV until we arrived there. When we finally arrived at New Zealand, we came out and transferred onto the flight to Los Angeles. The Line was HUGE. It was like a long slithering Basilisk though made of people. Then, when we came to the check in, our mum had taken apples, so they had to confiscate them ( they were illegal to take into another country ).

After that, we boarded the plane to Los Angeles ( 11 hour flight ) and settled down for our dinner ( it was 10 o’clock). The flight attendants was handling out beef casserole and chicken rice bowls. I, personally would choose chicken, but for a change I chose the casserole. After dinner I played on the devise at the back of the seat in front of me.

Within a few hours I was already asleep. I dreamed about King Kong and Godzillas in mine craft…

and also Los Angeles.