Sydney 2

It is our second day in Sydney, and I am already impressed by the landmarks and environment. There are some memorial places never to be found in Melbourne, that is why I favour Sydney so much.

Today, we went to the Maritime Museum, located just 15 minutes walk away from the hotel. Dad parted with us at 8:30AM for work and wished farewell. Mum and I crossed a pedestrian bridge decorated with colourful flags bearing advertisements and posters, most of them about animals and history.

When we arrived, we showed the receptionist our ticket (Dad had bought online yesterday), but she said that the tickets were invalid and only for use after school holidays (22nd of July). So, we had no other choice but to buy the tickets now, or return to the hotel. Returning to the hotel wasn’t very appealing, so we bought the tickets anyway, as we can refund them online.

Mum and I went through the 3D cinemas watching a documentary on marine life. We then proceeded on to watch VR experience on Antartica (which made me dizzy), explore the HMB Endeavour (Captain Cook’s Ship), HMS Vampire (a army ship), HMS Outlook (a submarine) and the James Craig (a cargo ship)

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