It was the 7th of July when I boarded the airline Jetstar, on a journey to Sydney. My father was on a business trip, bringing my mother and I, together. We caught the plane at 8:30PM, at Avalon airport, Geelong and quickly descended upon Sydney at approximately 10:00PM. Avalon was a small side airport and arriving on the Sydney airport was a huge change.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already 10:40PM, well past my bed time limits. The hotel was rated 5 stars and I quickly realised why that was so. Great marble pillars stood up to three storeys high on the entry and rich velvet blanketed the Hotel’s floor. Our room was on level 5, Room 520. On the way upon the elevator, I noticed 2 different levels marked “Fitness and Indoor Pool centre”. So Posh. Our room didn’t have much of a view, but the rich facilities made up for that. Two well groomed twin beds stood proudly, facing a large, living room TV. The bathroom consists of a bathtub and a shower, plus a polished marble sink that was surrounded by a 1×1 metre mirror.

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